Specialty Moves

Moving a Computer

  • Your computer is an extremely fragile item that needs to be handled with extreme care. Packing your computer should be separate from any other fragile items. It needs to be placed a box with 2-3 inches of cushion. The box should be marked and placed in a separate location away from any other items. Computers and other very important personal belongings should be transported with the customer. When transporting your computer, be aware of weather conditions—cold and moisture, in particular, which can cause severe damage.

Moving a Portable Hot Tub

  • Our movers cannot dismount a hot tub for a move. It is recommended that you make arrangements with a specialist who has the right tools and equipment. When the tub is unhooked, it needs to be drained of the remaining water, especially during freezing temperatures. When making a reservation with your moving company, be sure to inform them of the size and the weight. Heavier items require several movers. In addition, a “bulk item” charge will be added to your estimate.

Moving a Waterbed

  • The process of moving a waterbed should be done a day before the movers arrive at the pick up location. Before draining the bed, be sure to unplug the heater since it can cause damage to the bed. Since water needs to drained out of the bed completely, you may want to contact your manufacturer for different ways to drain and properly vacuum the mattress. Once the bed is completely drained, you may fold it into thirds starting from the head down. If the bed is going to be stored in a storage facility for several weeks, be sure to add a conditioner in order to avoid mold and mildew. When the movers deliver the bed, make sure they arrange it specifically the way you would like it to be filled.

Moving a Wine Collection

  • It is important to have an appraiser estimate the value of your wine collection for insurance purposes. In addition, photographing the whole collection is highly recommended. Check the rules for the county to which you are moving, as some have restrictions on the amount of personal alcohol you can possess. It is also preferable to arrange the transportation during a season with temperatures that average around 55 degrees. All bottles must be packed with plenty of cushion in between if stocked next to each other. The boxes should be marked “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP.” While transporting, “bottle shocking” can occur, which is a loss of flavor. You can avoid this by laying the bottles down for a week after delivery.

Moving an Antique Collection

  • Similar to moving a wine collection, you should appraise the value of the items, which will be used for obtaining the proper homeowners’ and moving insurance. It is also recommended that you take plenty of pictures of the items. Some items may require special cleaning before being packed. Be sure to avoid putting wax or oil on wooden products since it can soften them, making them more vulnerable to damage. Any big items need to be correctly padded and taped.

Moving Appliances

  • When it comes to moving appliances, movers can only wrap/pack, load and unload. You’ll need to hire a technician to disconnect the appliances and utilities, removed or install TVs and air conditioners, perform any plumbing and electrical work, and make any necessary adjustments and repairs. All the appliances need to be disconnected at least 24 hours prior to the move. For refrigerators and other similar appliances, leave the doors open overnight to remove any moisture. Be advised that perishable items cannot be transported in the truck. Lastly, all items need to be washed and cleaned inside and out before we apply padding for protection.

Moving with Children

  • Moving with kids can be exciting or very stressful, depending on the experience. We recommend that you inform your kids about the move weeks in advance in order to get them used to the idea. Have a positive attitude toward the change and give them all the reasons for and benefits of the move. When the time comes to organize your move, have your kids participate with everything to give them some responsibility and a sense of involvement. For long-distance moves, it is important that you take as many things for the kid as possible. It is important to keep the necessary clothes, blankets, food and entertainment for the trip. Depending on the age and needs, you may also want to take bathroom and medical necessities. Teenagers can be kept occupied with books or a travel games.

Moving a Plant

  • We cannot transport plants in the truck, so you will need to make arrangements before your moving day. If you decide to take the plants in your personal vehicle, be sure to perform any necessary cutting or watering well beforehand. If moving the plants with you is not an option, you might want to consider donating them to a friend or family member, or selling them.

Moving with Pets

  • Similar to moving with kids, it is important to help your pets adjust to the new surroundings and take the necessary steps while moving. Many states require license fees and health inspections for pets, so be sure your pet has the necessary ID tags and papers. If you are flying to your new location, be sure to give your pet the necessary food and water. If you are driving to your new location, you may take toys and treats may keep pets calm and occupied.