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An Affordable Service

Here at H2H Movers we are focused on delivering outstanding services, without actually charging too much for them. Our goal is on delivering value first, and building our reputation with the clients through cost-effective services.

Well-trained Teams

Our moving crews are constituted of well-trained personnel, which can help you move with proficiency and efficiency. We train all of our workers in all the specifics of moving, in order to deliver a high-quality service at all times.

Top-grade Moving Supplies

In order to ensure the maximum safety of your items, we only use professional moving supplies. This is the secret to keeping your belongings safe and sound throughout the entire move, in addition to proper packing practices.

Only Pay For What You Need

Here at H2H Movers we will never charge you for packaged services, which you will not use. Our policy includes charging by the box packed, or depending on the situation – by the hour. You can learn more about that by contacting us and getting a free quote!

Packing & Unpacking Carried Out By Professionals

Packing & Unpacking Carried Out By Professionals

In order to deliver a comprehensive moving process, we also offer our clients the options of packing and unpacking. With more than a decade of working experience in the moving business, we have perfected our process to make sure every job we do is outstanding, efficient and affordable at the same time. We will help you with all aspects of moving, packing and loading!

Specialized Moving Boxes

Did you know that different items may require special boxes for their packing and moving in order to keep them perfectly safe? For example, we have special TV boxes that are designed to protect flatscreen TVs, as well as dish boxes for china sets that are made to keep them as safe as possible. You can also request wardrobe boxes for official suits and dresses that cannot be folded.

Let The Professionals Pack

Packing is not always such an easy process, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with it. Most people get frustrated with the idea of packing and they can end up wasting many hours, or even days on inefficient and unsafe packing. Our professionals are trained to pack quickly, without compromising your item’s safety. Hire us for your packing and unpacking needs today!

Moving Supplies Of The Highest Quality

Since moving involves a lot of transportation, you understand that your items need to be kept safe. Good packing practices can ensure that your items are packed in a secure manner, but proper moving boxes and supplies are necessary to ensure sufficient padding, sturdy covers and overall protection. We provide all of that with our packing and unpacking services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Packing & Unpacking

How do you charge for packing and unpacking?

For packing we charge by the box, for unpacking we charge by the hour.

Are packing supplies included with the service?

Yes, we use high quality packing supplies, which protect your items properly. They come as a part of the service.

Can you use my packing supplies and moving boxes?

If you insist on us using your packing supplies, then yes – we can do that. However, that does not save you money, as our packing supplies are part of the service. As far as moving boxes go – yes, we will pack into whatever boxes you want us to, or you can rent moving boxes from us.

If you use your own boxes – we charge by the hour. If you use our boxes – we charge by the box.

Will the movers and/or packers arrive on time?

We are on time for morning jobs. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee on time delivery for afternoon or evening jobs as we do not know how fast we complete the morning job, unless we arrive there. We do our best to have an hour window in between the jobs so if we are late, we are still on time to complete everything.

Do you have insurance?

We do. We have a 3 million in liability insurances. However, only movers and public property is insured. Insurance does not apply to personal belongings. It is the same with any licensed moving company. For personal belongings we have liabilities only. For local moves it is 30 cents per lbs per item. For long distance moves it is 60 cents per lbs per item. Higher liability can be purchased at additional cost. We can go $1, $2…up to $6 per lbs per article. There is no deductible. If the customer wants a full coverage insurance, it needs to be purchased through a third party carrier, in our case it is MOVINGINSURANCE.COM

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