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Saving Your Time

Every business has to take special care of their time management, and we understand just how important that is. This is why we strive to be as efficient as possible, without neglecting the importance of carrying out high-quality services.

Dedicated Commercial Relocation

All business moves require special care, because they often involve strict scheduling, a lot of logistics and necessary organization. Our team is always ready to help you organize the move in the most efficient way possible. Just give us a call!

Protecting Your Items

Here at H2H Movers we have invested in high-grade professional moving equipment, through which we can ensure the safety of your items. We have trained our workers in the best and safest packing practices, which also protect your belongings!

Taking Your Needs Into Account

In order to provide the best service possible, we always tailor it to the individual needs of our clients. Here you will never get service packages that include services you do not really need. Talk to our customer support in order to book the exact move you want!

Want An Efficient Business Relocation? We Are Here For You!

Making The Transition Easier

When a business grows more and more, it eventually reaches the point when it outgrows its office or workhouse space. At that point moving to a new location becomes a necessity. Sadly, it can often bring with it a lot of stress, especially if you do not know how to organize such a move. This is where we from H2H Movers Los Angeles can help you out. We will work with you to make the moving process as stress-free as possible and save you the trouble of wasting time!

The Best Team For The Job

Every business that wants to be relocated without issues needs to look for a professional team of workers, who know how to execute a proper office relocation. Here at H2H Movers we invest in our workers to train them in the best and most efficient moving practices, including packing tips and tricks, that help them execute each move without problems. That way you know the entire relocation is in good hands and you will be back to business in no time!

High-grade Packing Materials Included

Packing may often seem like a tough job, and it can be, especially if you are not prepared properly for it. Fortunately, as professional movers in Los Angeles, we have a lot of experience with that and know exactly what kind of moving and packing supplies are necessary for executing a proper relocation. We will supply you with everything you need to keep your items safe at all times. You can rest assured that your business move is in safe hands

Customer Care At All Times

Here at H2H Movers we believe in providing a comprehensive service, which includes everything from the very relocation to helping out clients with any information that they need. This is why we have a special customer care staff that can answer all your questions and tell you more about our moving process. Additionally, we offer our services 7 days a week and can also help you for an emergency move. Give us a call to learn more about that!

Frequently Asked Questions about Business & Office Moves

Do you disconnect appliances?

We do not. You have to get an electrician or a plumber to disconnect your mounted appliances.

Do you have insurance?

We do. We have a 3 million in liability insurances. However, only movers and public property is insured. Insurance does not apply to personal belongings. It is the same with any licensed moving company. For personal belongings we have liabilities only. For local moves it is 30 cents per lbs per item. For long distance moves it is 60 cents per lbs per item. Higher liability can be purchased at additional cost. We can go $1, $2…up to $6 per lbs per article. There is no deductible. If the customer wants a full coverage insurance, it needs to be purchased through a third party carrier, in our case it is MOVINGINSURANCE.COM

Can you provide overnight storage?

We can certainly provide you with an overnight storage. Legally, movers can store the items on a truck for no more than 5 days.

Do your rates include the truck?

Yes, our hourly rate includes the truck and it is included in the quote.

Do you disassemble and assemble the furniture?

Our movers have all the necessary tools and equipment to disassemble any furniture and put it back together.

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